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Time and Security: An uneasy relationship

For years, the network time synchronization infrastructure on the Internet just worked for the vast number of Internet applications. In recent years, however, in addition to attacks on the time synchronization protocols themselves, there have been increasing attacks on the time of day as it impacts other security and Internet infrastructure protocols. Attackers are increasingly looking to time as something that can be leveraged to cause damage. Recent analysis has shown multiple ways that manipulation of local clocks and time synchronization protocols can have an impact on other Internet infrastructure. This has led to increased urgency in the various efforts to improve time synchronization security. This presentation will provide an update on some of the evolving attacks being envisioned for the time synchronization infrastructure of the Internet. It will also provide an update on the status of the work to secure both the NTP and PTP protocols. Consensus has been reached by both standards communities (IEEE 1588 and IETF) for initial solutions for the respective protocols. 2018 should see the publication of updated specifications for both NTP and PTP in this space. Initial implementations are in process with preliminary results available in the timeframe of TNC18.


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