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NRENs and IoT Security: Challenges and Opportunities

The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) has been around for years. Each year the scale and scope of this new world of IoT seems to expand dramatically. As the initial potential and excitement associated with the new capabilities and services has grown, so too has concern about the security and privacy challenges that this new paradigm presents. There are countless efforts and activities that are addressing these challenges. The history of the Internet has taught us that the key to improving security is often a collaborative affair among the many impacted parties. Additionally, these improvements will require technological improvements, reasonable policies and regulations, and good common operational practices. One tool for improving the state of security and privacy is the IoT Security & Privacy Trust Framework ( developed by the Internet Society’s Online Trust Alliance ( This framework provides a robust set of guidelines for improving security and privacy for IoT. How does this tool relate to the NREN community and the networks that they traditionally operate? Are there technological or operational gaps that the NREN community is uniquely positioned to address? Are there other tools specifically relevant to the NREN community? This presentation will look the challenges and opportunities that IoT poses for the NREN community in particular. It will examine possible areas where the NREN community, with its unique experiences and resources, can contribute to the improvement of IoT security and privacy.


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