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GÉANT Network Evolution

The three 25 minute presentations will provide an update on the architecture and new technologies planned to be deployed in the GÉANT network over the next 3-5 years The first presentation by Guy Roberts will explain the regional studies and what they have found. The second presentation by Sebastiano Buscaglione will describe how GÉANT has used the input to develop a network architecture and strategy for GN4-3. The third presentation by Mian Usman will explain the network technology strategy. Presentation 1: GÉANT Network Regional Studies Guy Roberts The regional studies have been a community intelligence gathering exercise. The studies are run by the NRENs in each region to discover the connectivity requirements and the NREN and commercial infrastructure available in their region. GÉANT SA1 Task 1 and JRA1 Task 2 are running four regional connectivity studies. The regional studies will complete their work in by May 2018 and JRA1 also plans to update the infrastructure sharing study by June 2018. Based on the outcomes of these studies GÉANT fibre procurement strategy will be written and a GÉANT fibre request for procurement will be issued in 2018/19. This presentation will share the process and outcome of the regional connectivity studies. Presentation 2: GÉANT Network Topology Sebastiano Buscaglione In the past few years the traffic shifted by the GÉANT network has increased greatly, challenging the possibility of maintaining an affordable, high-performance, lossless network. R&E-based traffic growth in particular has outpaced Internet growth by a large margin, making it harder for GÉANT to rely on classic solutions tailored for internet service providers and making it necessary to look elsewhere for innovative solutions to address demand. At the same time the historical short to medium term infrastructure funding cycles have become ineffective in addressing cost challenges. A new, longer term infrastructure strategy is needed if GÉANT is to keep providing its value to the European research community. This session will provide an overview of the plans for the future of the GÉANT Network with emphasis on the network topology design process. Presentation 3: GÉANT Network Infrastructure Mian Usman The SDN and Open Line Systems are proving to be major disrupters in the networking industry. These initiatives are being driven by the big content providers and their need for low cost and high flexibility solutions. Most of these technologies have been proven in the data centre environment and now being adopted for the service provider environment. The presentation will discuss how GÉANT plans to leverage these technologies in the next generation of our network to improve flexibility, support enhance services and reduce costs.



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