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Mary Hester (SURFnet), Richard Hughes-Jones (GÉANT), Tim Chown (JISC), Duncan Rand (JISC) and David Wilde (AARNet)
10/06/2018 10:30-12:30

This BoF session will discuss data transfer requirements within Europe focusing on what solutions, tools or services NRENs can provide for better data transfer performance between universities and facilities despite geographical locations.

A number of European NRENs and organizations are investigating architectures and tools to make data transfer protocols available, and/or easier for users to access. Some NRENs are also evaluating business models to offer services like a data transfer node, or DTN, "as-a-service." Other international NRENs, such as JISC, RNP and AARNet have deployed different DTN service models (or Science DMZs) already. Additionally, there are also questions around DTN configurations, measuring the performance of the DTNs themselves, and appropriate transfer tools to support on the DTNs-is one tool enough, or should there be multiple tools available? This BoF will be ideal forum to share feedback about deploying DTNs, engaging with end users, and/or developing a service.

The BoF will examine three different perspectives of a DTN infrastructure: 1) from an international science collaboration perspective which are led by GÉANT through the EC-funded NA3-T2 activities and through the preceding SKA collaboration activities; 2) from an NREN perspective where reference DTNs could be deployed for testing and verification, and/or develop a service model to solve issues for end-site customers; and 3) from a university perspective that would operate these systems.




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