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RedCLARA (Chile)

María José López Pourailly

María José López Pourailly is Communications & PR (CPR) Manager at RedCLARA. She holds a Licenciate in Social Communication and a Bachelor´s degree in Journalism from the University Andrés Bello (UAB - Chile) in 1998. Before joining RedCLARA as a full time employee (February 2010) she worked as CPR manager at REUNA (Chilean NREN - May 2000 / January 2010), where she also managed CPR for CLARA since November 2004. Previously to her carrier in the advanced networks area, she worked at several Chilean media (radio, TV, newspapers) and editorials and was full time professor of Multimedia Journalism of the UAB in Santiago. She has a wide experience in advance networks, collaborative and distributed projects development and implementation, web sites design and management, editing and coordination of scientific and of advanced networks events; she developed the PR Plan for RedCLARA, MAGIC, ALICE2, ELCIRA, EELA, EELA2 and worked in the organization of the ALICE –CLARA Launch Event (Río de Janeiro, November 22, 2004). María José is also responsible for coordinating BELLA communications in Latin America and with RedCLARA’s European partners in BELLA.

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