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EGI Foundation (Netherlands)

Gergely Sipos

Gergely works for EGI, provider of the largest, publicly funded e-infrastructure of the World (400,000 CPU cores and 170 PetaByte storage at 350 institutes). Gergely coordinates EGI's Customer Relationship Management process, being responsible for identifying opportunities for collaboration and support from academia and industry, and turning these into active collaborations that enable researchers, educators and SMEs tackle big-data challenges with the use of services from the EGI community. Gergely's key focus is on establishing partnerships with European Research Infrastructures from the ESFRI roadmap and running joint projects with them in the areas of High-Throughput/High-Performance Computing, Big Data Analysis, Authentication-Authorization, Data Storage and Transfer, Cloud Computing, IT Service Management, Virtual Research Environments. Since January 2018 Gergely is involved in the EGI Foundation team that coordinates the EOSC-hub project, a 33 million H2020 initiative to establish services and a service management framework for the future 'European Open Science Cloud'.

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