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Uninett/Sigma2 (Norway)

Maria Francesca Iozzi

Maria Francesca Iozzi is senior manager in Uninett/Sigma2 with responsibility for the national storage service portfolio, such as NIRD storage, NIRD service Platform, the national archive and the easyDMP. She holds a PhD in Theoretical Chemistry. After many years of research experience, her interests shifted towards the IT-management, and from software expert she became group leader of the Research Services group at the Oslo University Center for Information Technology (USIT), aiming at developing, deploying and operating services designed to fulfil IT-requirements in research. She has also worked as operations and development manager of TSD – Service for Sensitive Data – operated and developed by USIT. She has a solid knowledge of data management, security and personal privacy, data analytics and HPC, and an insatiable curiosity for new technologies.

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