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AMRES/UB (Serbia)

Branko Marović

Branko received his BS, MS and PhD degrees in computer engineering and computer science from University of Belgrade in 1993, 1998 and 2001, where he works since 1994, currently as the deputy director of the University of Belgrade Computer Centre. He also worked at the UCLA Radiology Science Department. His current work areas and interests include health informatics, IT and research infrastructures, software architectures and management and improvement of IT services. Branko participated in several FP and H2020 projects, often as activity or task leader, and was a project manager of the EU funded IPA project EU-IHIS (2012-2015) that implemented hospital information systems in 19 hospitals throughout Serbia and developed a cross-institutional EHR platform. He is also teaching in postgraduate courses on medical informatics and virtual reality at the University of Belgrade School of Electrical Engineering.

In GN4-2, he leads SA2 Task 4 on production optimisation and improvements.

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