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Consortium GARR (Italy)

Mario Reale

Mario got a Ph.D in High Energy Physics in 1997 by Wuppertal University. He was subsequently involved in Grid projects ( DataGrid, EGEE, EGI) and started working for the italian research and education network GARR in 2006. For EGI he has been coordinating the Network Support task, and, among others, worked mainly on the IPv6 compliance for Grid middleware. He has been involved in different projects aimed at supporting the spawning of eInfrastructures and adoption of Identity Federations in developing countries. Since 2015 he is involved in AARC in the task dealing with pilots for guest identities, and GN4-2 JRA3 (Trust and Identity), task 1 aimed at defining supporting services for Campus IDP.

Mario Reale is a speaker in the following presentations: