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SWITCH (Switzerland)

Renato Furter

Renato is a software engineer at SWITCH. He joined SWITCH in 2008 and is responsible for various services at SWITCH like SWITCHinteract, SWITCHfilesender and SWITCHtoolbox. Since 2014 he is also working for SWITCHdrive - SWITCHs ownCloud services.
He has a Bachelor of Business Administration and a MAS in software engineering and he is still wondering who is reading theses bio information here. If you are reading this and are participating TNC18 in Trondheim, please stand up at Minute 4:00 during my Lightning Talk "14 out of 15 Lightning Talks are not about statistics" so I can count all the people standing in the room and present a live statistic. Thank you for your cooperation.

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