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NTUA (Greece)

Maria Grammatikou

Maria Grammatikou is a Senior Researcher and Coordinator of the Network Management and Optimal Design Laboratory (NETMODE) in NTUA, Greece. She works as a Teaching and Research Associate in NTUA. Her research interests include topics on management and Optimal Design of Computer Communication Networks, Quality of Service, Security and Intrusion Detection Systems, Cloud Computing Architectures, Electronic Commerce and web-based technologies, parallel/distributed systems and communication systems evaluation. She has a PhD in Computer Science from the NTUA of Greece. She has several publications in conferences, books and journals related to her research interests.

She has an extensive experience in software systems design & development and she has participated in many European projects. She is a member of IEEE and TEE and also she is a member of the WG7/TC48 Working Group and TM and DMT Forums.

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