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06 - Network installation upgrade, done with students?

Melchor Alejo Garau Madrigal

My poster pursuit shows the story of a succesful WiFi and VoIP deployment where I were involved on (and still I am), accomplished mainly by students. The University of Málaga has a student residence. In there, the cable installation was good and stable enough. Nevertheless, due to the lack of a WiFi installation, the students had to think of different ways to get an alternative internet connection to the existing one socket per apartment. We applied to one of the scholarships that the University offers to the students of the residence - the IT one. Our primary goal (from my companion Antonio and me) was to notice the University that the residence needed a WiFi installation, and we finally achieved it the past year. The UMA's CIO, Victoriano, wanted to perform a deployment organized by us and accomplished with the help of other students. And after that, a VoIP deployment will follow. During the first months of the past year, we were choosing the access points and planning how to install them, planning the deployment and looking for volunteers willing to help us make it real. During all July and the first half of September, the voluntary team, Antonio and me accomplished the deployment. We deployed more wire to the installation, set the Access Points in the right place, upgraded all switches and set everything up to be used when the next academic year started. The results of this WiFi deployment are very satisfactory, and the year started without any problems. The whole project was carried out by students. That is something undoubtedly incredible and, in fact, one of the most important things of this deployment. Next step is the VoIP deployment. This part is not completely performed yet but is prepared to be done before July. In the telephony deployment we will update all analogic phones to VoIP phones, taking advantage of the new WiFi installation as ethernet wall sockets are almost free. Something that we will carry out shortly, with the help of students too.