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26 - Innovating at the Connected Industry: SDN and NFV experiences

Eduardo Jacob

Innovation is the final stop of any research activity. Crossing the “Valley of Death” is a critical step in that direction. The aim of this poster is to present the experiences adapting the TELCO native SDN and NFV paradigms to industrial applications and its evolution to the SN4I (Smart Networks for Industry) we are currently launching. From the low level point of view, we have been studying the adaptation of SDN to SmartGrids, and to Industrial Ethernet protocols like HSR and PRP. Additionally, the impact and contribution of SDN to Cibersecurity has also been demonstrated and evaluated. NFV is a natural step in the virtualization that SDN provides. Some of these enhancements will have the possibility to be deployed in the SN4I (Smart Networks for Industry) infrastructure, which will be used to deploy services that spawn from technical offices, and research labs to an advanced manufacturing facility (the AAMC), interconnecting real machine tools in order to allow experimentation in Industry 4.0 leveraging NFV (Network Function Virtualization) and SDN technologies. In this poster we will also present the insights of the SN4I infrastructure, as well as the challenges faced during its deployment and how we intend the innovation to be produced. Recently the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU, with companies, the local and autonomous government financial support has launched the AAMC (Aeronautics Advanced Manufacturing Centre) This infrastructure accounts for 9M€ investment that will reach 16M€ in 7 years. The aim of the AAMC is to develop advanced manufacturing technologies in developments levels that allow fast transfer to the industrial fabric of this sector, which is a key sector in the economy of the Basque Country, the region where the AAMC is located. Therefore, its R+D+I activity is focused on TRL 5 to 7, which is precisely the “Valley of Death”.