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19 - Sonic wobbleboard: a network‐enabled rehabilitation device

Domenico Vicinanza

Sub‐Saharan Africa has the world lowest density of physicians (0.5 to 1 doctor per 1,000 population). Therefore while it is much easier and cheaper receiving a lower limb prosthetic, there is very little, or no, access to the highly skilled physiotherapists who will guide amputees through the weeks and months of gait rehabilitation program. Our answer was the design of a modular, smart solution that could guide and support both patients and therapists through a gait rehabilitation program, while they are living in remote and diverse areas around the world. We got a working prototype of a special modular smart wobble board for gait retraining of lower limb amputees. The wobble board is Bluetooth and Wi‐Fi enabled, making it possible for physicians and therapist located anywhere in the world to access the data, monitor the progress of the patient and provide feedback in real time.