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23 - GÉANT Data Classification Tool to Secure e-Learning Content

Maria Grammatikou

The GÉANT cloud for adoption and communication team has created a Data Classification Tool to help institutions assess data sensitivity and criticality, and avoid risks of placing specific data in the cloud. The Data Classification Tool is an easy way to assess the data being considered for moving or placing on cloud-based solutions. This is a critical component of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance, and is an important indicator of whether data can, or should be, migrated to a cloud-based platform. SeLCont (Synchronized eLearning Content) is a simple toolkit for the synchronization, storage and web access of presentation slides and lecture videos with minimal post-processing and no special installation requirements from lecture rooms.The GÉANT Data Classification Tool has improved SeLCont toolkit by mitigating the risks in migrating e-learning content to cloud-based storage and processing. The Data Classification Tool intuitively guides users through the process of identifying Confidentiality, Integrity, Accessibility and Storage factors of the data to help design and specify the a system, like SeLCont, correctly and securely. The tool will also be applied further to other applications for evaluating the security and accessibility of various services.