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09 - Human capacity building of Network Engineers

Zin May Aye

In the time of trying to form an mmREN in Myanmar, the students and researchers in Universities need to ensure to have access to the advanced networks, tools and methodology for their studies. Myanmar now has over hundreds of Universities and Colleges and it is always increasing the number of students in each academic year. It is important to support the required for the students and innovations as well as nurturing human capacity of qualified educated youths. Network engineers are also essential to build up the human capacity in Myanmar. Universities play essential roles in nurturing human capacity in ICT. Networking technology is the very basic for every IT students and they need to have knowledge on networking for their further studies and also in research areas. TOT (Training of Trainer) programs are open and qualified lecturers are allowed to take ITQ exam (International Trainer Qualification) supported from Network Academy. When mmREN is established, universities’ students will sure to grab all the golden opportunities in education and research sectors offer from mmREN. For the network engineers, they can have advanced technology in networking with collaborative services and can apply for further studies. Meanwhile, we are trying to build human capacity for nurturing network engineers by opening Networking Academy collaboration with other University in our region and hopefully to participate in upcoming advanced technology sectors.