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27 - SIG-NOC: Sharing Knowledge to Manage R&E Networks

Maria Isabel Gandia Carriedo

Many of the services offered or used by research and education institutions rely on the network as an essential tool for their work. As the network becomes a commodity, keeping it up and running is vital. But operating a network is not always easy. That's why Network Opertion Centres (NOC) face a variety of challenges: there is no standard way of managing them, there's an increasing pressure for solving network problems in close-to-zero time, muti-domain circuits require communication between NOC, technicians require knowledge and skills to use the tools properly... That's why the SIG-NOC community was created, as a continuity for the work done in the former TF-NOC Task Force. SIG-NOC is a forum where NOC experts from the Géant community exchange information, knowledge, ideas and best practices about specific technical or other areas of business relevant to the research and education networking community. This poster is a call for participation in the SIG-NOC community. It summarizes the main ideas around the knowledge exchange that mostly happens in the meetings with simple examples of each one of them, including Best Practices, flash talks, presentations from the industry, round tables, elaboration and dissemination of early thoughts and surveys. It also includes information about the ways to get involved in the community

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