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25 - EuWireless – The pan-European Mobile Operator for Research

Laura Panizo Jaime

Abstract The EuWireless project aims to design a pan-European mobile operator for research in mobile communication networks. The output of the project will be a design report addressing not only the technical solutions but also the regulatory aspects and the business model that can lead to the real implementation of the proposed infrastructure. In addition, the project include three case studies that will be considered in the requirements and design phase to validate the proposed solution: - Connection of an indoor testbed (PerformsNetworks) to EuWireless: this use case will be use to evaluate how the design could have an impact on existing mobile networks. - GÉANT Testbed Service: this case study will validate if the new design can fit on the virtualization model employed by GÉANT testbeds. - Test network for connected cars: this use case will address the validation from a vertical research area perspective. The project is funded by the European Commission H2020 program, and it has a duration of two years, starting from January 1st 2018. The aims of this poster/presentation are threefold: - To present the objectives of the EuWireless project to the GÉANT community, which has a wide background in research infrastructures. - To present the progress done in the first months of the project. In particular, in the first year of the project, the consortium will focus on studying and defining the requirements of the pan-European mobile operator, with special interest on enabling technical solutions, and the study of the current regulatory framework in Europe to grant access to licensed spectrum. - To strength the links with GÉANT community and encourage them to collaborate in the requirements collection phase of the project.

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